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International Grant Orgnizations is to provide consultancy and guidance to NGOs (Non Government organizations) to move in the right direction and to get them aware of various legal and operational hazards and to provide necessary services and facilities for availing grants from India/Abroad and to implement necessary projects, for which the NGOs are eligible, for the well being of the general masses.

International Grant Orgnizations is fully dedicated to work for the upliftment of needy people and to strengthen NGO movement in India and Abroad. International Grant Orgnizations will provide full operational as well as financial solutions, including providing help in creating necessary infrastructure to the NGOs to meet their objectives and to serve the society in a better manner.Hence we are not the agents but the advisory body only.
As per information available through out the world, though NGOs are working with dedication but still have a long way to cover so that they may be able to attain the objectives, for which they were formed and get their right place in the society.
So let us join hands so that we may achieve our goal of the service of humanity by overcoming day to day hindrances. We fully assure you that such a tiny amount spent by you for registering your NGO with us would not go waste,while you would avail the opinion and guidance of our world class experts.